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Tech Analyst | Contributor at Fixate.io

I began my career at Google, where, among other things, I was involved in technical support for the AdWords team. My work involved reviewing stack traces, and resolving issues affecting both customers and the Support team, and handling escalations. Later, I built branded social media applications, and automation scripts to help startups better manage their marketing operations. Today, as a technology analyst I help IT journals, and startups change the way teams build and ship applications.

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Whether you're an editor at a tech journal, CEO at a tech startup, or head of marketing at a large organization, you need help churning out high quality technical content. I can help. Let's talk.

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Straight From The Horse's Mouth...

"It’s been a privilege to work with you over this last little while. Thanks for all your great work this year, Twain. Looking forward to another great year moving forward."

Fred, TechTarget.com

"We've enjoyed working with you on the series of blog posts and think you've done a great job with both the content and the sponsor relations aspect."

Libby, TheNewStack.com

"Our readers are enjoying your articles. The delivered content was terrific and really improved our website. Thanks and I look forward to working together in the next year!"

Angelika, Techgenix.com

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