Ad Campaign Management

If you build it… you may still need Google AdWords – Jennifer Mesenbrink

Ads are the fastest, and most expensive way to get traffic to your website, or generate awareness for your newly launched product. Because of the cost involved, you need to be aware of the ROI from your ad campaigns. There are various types of ads. PPC ads, Display ads, and social media ads to name a few.


In the past decade AdWords has become the biggest online ad platform. These are the ads that appear on the right side of the Google search results. People are already searching for your products & services, all you need to do is just show up before them with your ad. You pay per click, and it can be costly. This is why PPC needs continuous optimization to improve ad performance and bring down the cost per click that you pay.

I worked at Google for 4 yrs on the AdWords team. I’ve gotten the inside view of how the AdWords platform functions, and I’d be happy to manage your PPC campaigns.


Display ads can either be vanilla media buys on popular websites in your industry, or you can use retargeting ad platforms like Adroll or Retargeter to make your display ads follow visitors to your website.

With display ads, the creative you use for your ads makes a big difference in the results you get, which is why creative optimization is very important to succeed with display ads. You need to be able to quickly make creatives and put them out for A/B testing. This needs an advanced banner ad creation tool, and a strategy for A/B testing. I’ve mastered these techniques and am happy to use them for your display ads.

Social media ads

Users spend a lot of time on social media. With the leading social media platforms opening up their user base for advertising, your organization has a great opportunity to reach your users even when they’re not on your website.

Facebook ads are cheaper than AdWords ads, and can be very effective. Even if not to generate leads directly, they can be used to grow your following on Facebook. Another interesting use case for Facebook ads is to test your website copy quickly.

LinkedIn ads are great for reaching B2B prospects. Their platform allows you to get very targeted views from exact companies, job titles, locations and more. This level of targeting means that the price is on the higher side.

Twitter’s ad platform is different from the previous two, and is best used to reach mass audiences globally. It can be great for generating awareness and eyeballs, but it may not be best suited for ROI driven campaigns.