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devops monitoringI’m proud to be a contributing writer at, where I get to work with some of the leading DevOps startups. In recent months, I’ve written a few posts on the topic of DevOps monitoring. They were for products across the DevOps monitoring spectrum – from incident management, to log analysis, to application performance monitoring. Here are a few of these posts:

  1. Monitoring in the World of DevOps – PagerDuty
    • This post provides an overview of DevOps monitoring and how it’s different from traditional monitoring. It defines the various tools that need to be integrated to gain a holistic monitoring experience for your applications.
  2. Application Containers vs. System Containers: Understanding the Difference – Sumo Logic
    • Here, I spell out the differences between two types of containers, and end by talking about why containers need monitoring.
  3. Your On-Call Engineer’s Incident Management Checklist – PagerDuty
    • In this post, I talk about how to approach your on-call incident management, which is an important operational part of DevOps monitoring.

As applications are being built on modern development methodologies, monitoring is not only more complex, but even more important.

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